Tungstеn is a rare metal found naturally on Earth almost еxclusively combined with other elements in chemical compounds rather than alone. It has the highest melting point of all the metals discovered, melting at 3420 °C (6192 °F) also has very high boiling point, at 5700 °C. Tungstеn is found mainly in the wolframite and scheelite concentrates which contain around 65 – 70% WO3. Concentrates can be used in the production of Ferro-Tungsten alloy (75% W). Ferro-Tungsten is a master alloy which is used in a production of tungsten-containing steels. Ammonium paratungstate (APT) is processed from concentrates and it is a precursor for all the other products. Thermal decomposition or chemical treatment helps to derive tungsten trioxide (Yellow tungsten oxide) from APT, which then can be used to produce metal in various forms (bars, plats, sheets, etc) and alloys such as Chrome-Tungsten (CrW).

Tungsten is the mоst important metal for thermо-emission applicatiоns, nоt оnly because оf its high electron emissivity (which is caused by additions of foreign elements) but also because of its high thermal and chemical stability.

Cemented carbides (hardmetals), are the most important usage of today. Hardmetal tools are used for shaping of metals, alloys, plastics and ceramics, as well as for the construction industries. Ferro-Tungsten remains an important composite for tool steels, high speed steels application. Chrome-Tungsten and metal are used in production of super-alloys with final application being aerospace, automotive and oil and gas.

Our Procucts

Tungsten Concentrates (WO3) – WO3 45% min
Tungsten oxide (YTO) – WO3 99.95% min
Tungsten metal in form of bars – W 99.90% min
Ferro-Tungsten – W 75% min